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Spider Control

  • The entire exterior of your home is treated with a government-regulated product.
  • Any house washing is to be done prior to the application of the spider control.
  • Window washing can be done 3 to 4 days later, by hand, on the glass only.
  • Do not power wash them, doing so will remove the product we just applied.
  • All windows must be closed.
  • All pets remain indoors.
  • Please notify your neighbours on either side of you that we are coming so they close their windows and keep their pets indoor as well.
  • Any gates to be unlocked, as the tech needs access to your entire property.
  • No vehicles blocking the driveway. We have truck mounted power sprayers so parking as close to your home as possible is helpful.
  • You can stay in your home while the house is being sprayed.
  • You cannot be outside during treatment.
  • After the house is dry you can open the windows and go outside. Depending on the weather this is usually 20 minutes to 1 hr.
  • Spider Control needs differ greatly with each homeowner, depending on their location, proximity to water and landscaping. Some of our customers get their homes sprayed monthly from May to September/October. While others are good to go with a single treatment a season.
  • We recommend 2 treatments a season.

Fall Treatment

Once the cool weather starts, spiders will filter up to your home and make their way indoors to set up camp for the winter. A fall treatment, which we begin doing mid-September through mid-October will alleviate this from happening.


If you live in an apartment, enjoy your  balcony this summer and get it treated for Spider Control.

Cottages/ Condos

If you have a  cottage or live in a  condominium, why not get a group together for Spider Control and take advantage of our group rates.

Pest Control Spiders
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